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Learn about our multi-chain wallet
Step into the future of digital asset management with the Neon Wallet. More than just a wallet, it's your secure, trustworthy, and comprehensive tool for navigating blockchain-based applications across any EVM-compatible network.

Your Trustworthy Companion

The Neon Wallet is designed to be your reliable partner in the world of blockchain. It provides a secure environment to build, store, and manage your digital assets. From $NEON tokens to other digital assets, your Neon Wallet keeps them safe and accessible at your fingertips.

Universal Access

With the Neon Wallet, the world of blockchain is at your disposal. Whether it's Neon, Ethereum, Polygon, or BSC, the Neon Wallet connects you seamlessly to any EVM-compatible network. From games to DeFi, the Neon Wallet is your passport to this new frontier.

All-in-One Application

The Neon Wallet isn't just a wallet; it's an all-in-one application that integrates with the entire Neon ecosystem and beyond. Available as a mobile application on Google Play and the Apple Store, as well as a Google Chrome browser extension, the Neon Wallet ensures you're always connected, wherever you are.

Coming Soon

We've built and tested the first version of our wallet, and it's working great. We've submitted this version to app stores and are now awaiting approval. It has been published to Google store already, however, we plan to focus on marketing the Wallet closer to our Mainnet Alpha launch. This allows us to further refine the Neon Wallet, turning it into a greater value-adding web3 wallet with a focus on web3 games.