Neon Link

Introducing Neon Link

Learn about the Neon Link ecosystem, focussed on the web3 gaming industry.
Neon Link is a community-focused gaming ecosystem powered by cutting-edge web3 blockchain technology. Its primary goal is to create a decentralised, player-first ecosystem that can revolutionise the gaming industry. Neon Link aims to provide a suite of products and services to gamers and developers that could significantly enhance the gaming experience.
Neon Link is powered by NEON, a crypto asset which is used as a medium of exchange within the ecosystem. NEON's use cases encompass a broad range of additional functions, including in-game transactions, rewards, staking, and governance. As a blockchain-based project, Neon Link promises the benefits of transparency, security, and decentralisation, which include true ownership of digital assets and peer-to-peer transactions.
The Neon Link ecosystem is a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to enhance the gaming experience. It includes a blockchain network, a wallet, an exchange, a marketplace, a bridge, digital assets, gaming products, and a software development kit (SDK).
Each component of our ecosystem plays a crucial role in our mission to revolutionise the gaming industry:
  1. 1.
    Blockchain Network: Neon Link operates on its own proprietary blockchain, designed with the specific needs of the gaming industry in mind and capable of supporting numerous high throughput applications with 35k TPS.
  2. 2.
    Wallet: Users can store, manage, and transact within the Neon Link ecosystem, as well as numerous other chains, using our multi-chain Wallet.
  3. 3.
    Exchanges: Different types of exchanges will be present to cater for different audiences. This includes an AMM decentralised exchange (DEX), like Uniswap, which will enable users to trade NEON with other digital assets. We will also have a perpetual exchange (like GMX) present to provide leveraged trading with fast confirmation times and low fees.
  4. 4.
    Marketplace: The marketplace enables users to buy, sell, or trade in-game items and other digital assets.
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    Bridge: Neon Link includes a bridging mechanism for seamless interoperability between different blockchain networks.
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    Gaming Products: Neon Link will provide a variety of gaming products and platforms, built by ourselves as well as partner dev studios. Gaming products we're launching this year include: Ascend the End, Neon Realms and Neon Punk Arcade.
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    Neon Link SDK: Developers can use our Neon Link Software Development Kit (SDK) to easily build games or other applications on the Neon Link blockchain.
The project's growth and development strategy involves fostering a community of early supporters and participants. As such, Neon Link has been running a series of sales events, including a presale and an EVM sale, to distribute NEON coins to its community.