Neon Link

Gaming Products

As a gaming focussed blockchain ecosystem, this is arguably the most important component of the ecosystem.
Welcome to the gaming universe within Neon Link. As a gaming-focused blockchain ecosystem, this is arguably the most important component of our universe. Let's dive into the exciting gaming products we're developing.

Ascend the End

Ascend the End is a PC and MAC-based third-person competitive shooter game. It offers a variety of competitive and fun multiplayer game modes where different objectives are required to win.
There's also a campaign mode where players can delve into the game's narrative. As you progress through the game, you'll gain experience, level up, unlock new worlds, and loot resources to craft weapons and equipment.
But be careful, playing in the arena can cost you the items and resources you have on you.

Neon Punks Arcade

Neon Punks Arcade is a simple, entertaining, and addictive NFT-based gaming platform centred on our incredible art.
With a number of mini-games, requiring varying levels of skill and effort, there will be something for everyone! Get daily free players or buy play credits. Top players earn credits, $NEON and a variety of other prizes, such as in-game assets.

Neon Realm

Neon Realm (previously Neon Saga) is a one-of-a-kind mobile & browser-based Tradeable Collectible Card game.
Start off with a basic deck and grow your library of cards to play in a variety of multiplayer game modes. With a total variation of 5,000+ playable cards which can be upgraded through play, gamers may trade cards with others on the Neon marketplace. The NEON token will be used for card packs, venues, tournaments, and more.