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Enabling liquidity to move between the most popular blockchain networks
Welcome to the Neon Bridge, the future conduit for liquidity movement across the most popular blockchain networks. This isn't just a bridge; it's set to become a vital artery in the Neon Link ecosystem, enabling quick and secure asset transfers.

Bridging the Blockchain Divide

Already operational, the Neon Bridge allows users to seamlessly transfer assets between all major blockchains, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, and more. This functionality is a cornerstone of our vision of an interoperable blockchain ecosystem.

Retaining the Best of Both Worlds

With the Neon Bridge, users can easily move any digital assets between networks without surrendering the benefits of the host network. It's about giving you the freedom to navigate the blockchain universe while retaining the unique advantages of each network.

Solving the Scaling Issues

The Neon Bridge is not just about interoperability; it's also a solution to the scaling issues prevalent on other networks. By facilitating asset transfers between networks, the Neon Bridge helps alleviate congestion and improve scalability.