Neon Link

Blockchain Network

Learn about the distributed ledger that serves as the backbone of the Neon Link ecosystem.
Welcome to the heart of Neon Link - our Blockchain Network. This is the distributed ledger that serves as the backbone of our ecosystem, powering every transaction, every game, and every interaction.

The Neon Blockchain

The Neon Blockchain is more than just a distributed ledger; it's a gaming-optimised, EVM-compatible powerhouse. Designed specifically for video games, this network, in tandem with our $NEON token, ensures lightning-fast, virtually fee-free transactions.
With a staggering 35k TPS, our blockchain is built to handle the influx of millions of gamers transitioning into the web3 world. It's not just about speed; it's about facilitating efficient, trustless exchanges of value through smart contracts and oracles.
Want to learn more about our journey towards a decentralized web3 gaming ecosystem? Click here.

Testnet, Mainnet Alpha & Mainnet Beta Campaigns

Our commitment to robustness and reliability is demonstrated through our Testnet, Mainnet Alpha and Mainnet Beta campaigns. These campaigns allow us to test and refine our network, ensuring it's ready to handle real-world usage. They are crucial steps in our journey towards a fully decentralised web3 gaming ecosystem.

Neon Blockchain Explorer

Transparency is key in the world of blockchain, and that's where the Neon Blockchain Explorer comes in. Think of it as your personal search engine for everything happening on the Neon network.
From tracking transactions and wallet activities to interacting with smart contracts, the Neon Blockchain Explorer gives you a window into the inner workings of our network. It's not just about viewing; it's about engaging, interacting, and understanding the Neon ecosystem better.
You can view Neonscan, our blockchain explorer, by clicking here. The testnet blockchain explorer can be found by clicking here.