Neon Link

Use Cases

Discover the use cases for the NEON coin
NEON unlocks a world of possibilities in the Neon Link ecosystem. From participating in governance to securing a community-driven web3 gaming network which you own a share of, NEON is your passport to the future of web3 gaming.
Each NEON represents a piece of the network.

Your Network, Your Voice

Owning NEON isn't just about holding a digital asset; it's about having a say in the future of our network. As a NEON holder, you can participate in governance, creating new proposals and voting on existing ones. Your voice matters in the Neon Link ecosystem.

Secure the Network, Earn Rewards

NEON is also a tool for securing our network. By staking NEON and delegating to validators, you're helping to protect our network from threats. And for your contribution, you'll earn rewards from an allocated pool and a share of the revenue generated from games and other products on Neon Link.

Power Your Experience

NEON is the fuel that powers your experience on the Neon Link network. Whether you're playing games, trading on the exchange, or transacting in the marketplace, NEON is the currency that makes it all possible. And to enhance your experience, applications can 'sponsor' the network fees for their users.

Access New Games and Products

As a long-term NEON holder, you'll get more than just the benefits of a growing network. You'll also get access to new games and products launching on our network. From airdrops to priority access, your NEON tokens are your gateway to the exciting world of web3 gaming.