Neon Link

Flow of NEON

Understand how value is expected to be exchanged within the Neon Link ecosystem.
NEON is a dynamic force that flows, connecting different elements and participants of the Neon Link ecosystem. This flow isn't just about transactions; it's about the exchange of value, the creation of opportunities and the strengthening of our community through network effects.
A Fluid Ecosystem
Just as water flows through a landscape, connecting different areas and supporting life, NEON flows through our ecosystem, connecting gamers, developers, and crypto enthusiasts. It's the currency that powers transactions, the reward that incentivises participation, and the stake that secures our network.
A Visual Guide to NEON's Journey
To help you understand this flow, we've created an infographic that visualises the journey of NEON within our ecosystem. From the moment it's minted, through its use in games, exchanges, and marketplaces, to its eventual return to the ecosystem through staking and rewards, this infographic provides a clear and concise overview of NEON's journey.
Simplified Flow of NEON
Join the Flow
As a NEON holder, you're not just a passive observer of this flow; you're an active participant. Whether you're using NEON to play games, trade assets, or secure our network, you're contributing to the dynamic flow of value within our ecosystem. So why wait? Dive in and join the flow!