Neon Link
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Circulation Schedule

See how the allocated supply of NEON will be distributed over the next 10 years
In the world of crypto, timing is everything. That's why we've meticulously planned the circulation schedule for NEONLINK over the next decade. This isn't just about releasing tokens; it's about charting the course for our ecosystem's growth and stability.
NEON Circulation Schedule over the next decade
The journey of NEONLINK into the market is a gradual one overall. We've planned a steady release of tokens over the next 10 years, ensuring a consistent supply, without flooding the market. This approach is designed to maintain NEONLINK value while fuelling the growth of our network.
By controlling the release of NEONLINK tokens, we're creating a sense of scarcity. This is a key factor in driving value in the crypto space. As the supply of NEONLINK increases over time, so does its potential for utility within our ecosystem.
Our 10-year circulation schedule is a roadmap for the future of the Neon Link ecosystem. It's a testament to our commitment to long-term growth and innovation. As we navigate this journey, each NEONLINK token released brings us closer to our vision.