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Roadmap 2023

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Q1 (January — March) 2023

We are in the last month of this quarter and have already achieved so much: We exited stealth after around one year of development of the components that make up the Neon Link ecosystem.
Neon Blockchain
The Neon Link blockchain is already live, in Phase 1, with the native $NEON coins working alongside smooth smart contract operation. The bridge is also operational, enabling us to move 55m NEON to Ethereum (as wNEON) for the presale. You can see our block explorer, Neonscan, by clicking here.
We shall expand on the 3 phase Mainnet rollout strategy in a subsequent article, outlining our plan to progress the network to a high degree of decentralisation.
Ascend the End
Ascend the End, the flagship shooter game on Neon Link has entered the Closed Alpha phase following development over the last year.
We’ve had numerous players and streamers test the game and provide feedback to inform our feature development plan. The next few months will be working aggressively towards the global launch, with the introduction of new mechanics, maps, modes, and much more.
Neon Wallet
The Neon Wallet has been developed and pushed to the App stores (Apple, Google, and Chrome as an Extension). It is a multichain EVM wallet.
We will be carrying out extensive iterations on the Wallet while collecting invaluable user feedback. This will be in preparation for Phase 2 of our Mainnet rollout plan, beginning around May-June this year.
During this phase of growth, activity, and awesome gameplay experiences, we will need a gamer-friendly Wallet that allows our users to get the most out of web3 gaming. This will mean that we have an amazing product, designed and optimised for web3 gaming, ready for the launch of our ecosystem.
Neon Punks Campaign Begins
The Neon Punks Collection Whitelist campaign has begun and the mint will take place in the following quarter.
We decided to give the first opportunity to purchase NEON to our community, instead of VCs. This is because we’d rather have our early adopters enjoy better value, instead of becoming a VC coin. We’re not a bootstrapped start-up and have already invested over $3.5m+ on development to date. The additional funds from the presale will help us get more aggressive on development ahead of the next phase of our Mainnet rollout plan.
The presale itself began in mid-February, exclusively on our presale site. We achieved our soft cap ($500k) within the first week.
SDK Development
We’ve made great progress building an AI NFT creation tool for in-game assets and avatars. As you will see from the Neon Saga 5000+ card collection this tool is incredibly helpful for speeding up game development.
We’ve also been working on some other exciting tools, as well as codifying resources to help onboard game developers and publishers onto Neon Link.

Q2 (April — June) 2023

For the coming quarter, we’re working on launching a number of other products in ‘closed’ environments to get feedback in order to improve them upon the proper launches during Phase 2 of our Mainnet rollout plan.
Neon Saga & Neon Punks Arcade
The other two gaming products we’ve announced, are still in development. The Closed Alpha phase for both the Neon Saga and Neon Punks Arcade gaming products will begin during this Quarter.
Neon Gaming ID & Naming Service
We will also launch the Neon Gaming ID, enabling easy web3 participation from all gamers on Neon Link.
SDK Development
With the additional funds raised through the presale, we will be working on tools and resources to help support the competitive (esports) side of the web3 gaming industry. These tools will help game developers build and nurture esports titles around their games.
Neon Punks Mint
Our much anticipated and free mint of the genesis collection on Neon Link will happen around May/June (ahead of the Q3 date we’ve previously shared via our whitepaper and website)
Public Sale
NEON public sale will take place towards the end of this Quarter. We initially outlined for this to take place in Q3, however with the soft cap already breached and getting towards concluding Stage 1, we’re able to aggressively move towards Phase 2 of our go-to-market strategy in the coming months.
The Public sale will also occur on our own website but there will also be opportunities to purchase NEON via partner platforms (launchpads & exchanges). The price will be higher than the presale as we’ll have progressed and be very close to Phase 2. Details on this to be released later.

Q3 (July — September) 2023

Token Unlock
On 15th July, all tokens purchased in the public sale and presale will be claimable via the Dashboard.
Neon Blockchain
This is when Phase 2 of our Mainnet rollout plan will take place. New external Validators will be introduced during this period as we strive for greater decentralisation of the Network focused on powering the web3 components of our awesome games.
Governance & Staking Begin
Following the unlock and activation of Phase 2, you will be able to delegate your NEON stake to Validators to earn awesome rewards, while helping secure our network. The number of rewards will decrease over time, or with a high participation rate. So the earlier you get involved, the better the rewards. More on this later.
As this is implemented, Neonites will also be able to participate in the governance of the network through the creation of and voting on Proposals related to the development of the Neon Link network.
Liquidity Farming Festivities
As the DEX on Neon Link is launched and new projects also begin deploying and using Neon Link, there will be opportunities to earn rewards for providing liquidity. Stay tuned for more on these and other incentives for the early adopters of Neon Link.
Ascend the End Soft Launch Begins
While Phase 2 of Mainnet will happen in early Q3, we will begin the soft launch phase of Ascend the End. As new elements of the game are introduced and existing ones are improved, we will open up access to the game to more players.
It is important to get the game right prior to the game’s hard launch. We will continue listening deeply to our target audience in order to improve the game to compete with the likes of Call of Duty and Fortnite. This phase will go from Closed to Open and will extend for a number of months until we’re ready for the global hard launch. We expect this to happen in 2024.
Exchange Listings
Following the unlock, we will be activating our listing strategy, where we intend to make NEON available on top-tier exchanges. While we can’t give any specifics on this just yet, we want NEON to be featured in the most prominent CEXs for deeper liquidity and accessibility to all. These listings are expected to be NEON on the Ethereum network, while we work toward these exchanges integrating the Neon Link network so that native transfers to and from exchanges can occur.
Neon Originals Game Development Incentive
This campaign will likely begin this quarter when we will deliver our SDK to help game developers build fantastic games quickly. This will involve incentives to attract new developers to use Neon Link to power the web3 components of their games.

Q4 (October — December) 2023

Project X Beta Begins
Neon Saga & Punks Arcade Beta Phase Begins
Our other 2 gaming products will begin their respective Beta phases in the final quarter of the year.
SDK Development
Continued development on tools and resources that support game developers on Neon Link to produce incredible web3 games.

Final Remarks

While this roadmap is subject to change, we are confident in our ability to deliver by the dates outlined. We’ve already built the minimum viable products for the different elements of the Neon Link ecosystem. Now will be a period of iterating and preparing for Phase 2 of our Mainnet rollout.
Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed the update!