Neon Link


We're a team of avid gamers first and foremost.
We are also passionate about the possible profound positive impacts of web3 technology implementation across various industries, from finance to gaming. We believe it is a logical evolution.
Evolution of the Web
Web3 technology (distributed ledger, smart contracts, and on-chain assets) allows for real ownership, collaboration, and freedoms not afforded by centralised platforms. With regard to gaming, there have been countless occasions where game publishers (who hold all the power) prioritise shareholders/profit over their actual player base.
Gaming itself, as the technology implementation matures, will radically catalyse this transition to web 3.0. It is the superior entertainment activity, generating more revenue than the movie and music industries combined. There are over 3 billion people in the gamer nation.

A Short History

Web3 gaming itself has only emerged in the last few years, with the first signs of the industry emerging from the application of smart contract technology to create verifiably unique digital assets such as Crypto Kitties in 2017.
Since this gained notoriety, with a digital cat selling for over $100k and activity congesting the Ethereum network, the NFT narrative was born. Also, Ethereum's ability to scale and handle large amounts of transactions.
Over the next few years, we've seen the meteoric rise of Axie Infinity as well as a number of other web3 gaming projects (from infrastructure to games themselves across a variety of genres). While the level of gameplay is improving, these early days have provided little substance for true gamers to enjoy.
In these 5 to 6 years of web3 gaming's history, we have seen scams, gamified DeFi, or incomplete games. In most cases, the products in this emerging sector within the crypto and gaming space have focused on the financial component of their game over actual gameplay.
This has resulted in broken economics and games that could have been fun, but no longer are due to deterioration in assets that were sold practically as an investment.
Our vision is to build an ecosystem solely focused on leveraging the benefits of web3 technologies in gaming for the benefit of gamers and developers. Our ecosystem has a suite of products that facilitate this transition to web3 in a way that makes sense