Neon Link

Built for Developers

Benefits to game developers for building on Neon Link
From a developer perspective, we intend to deliver an environment that enhances their capabilities of providing incredible and fun experiences to their players. Developers can seamlessly integrate web3 components without it impacting their player's experience. Furthermore, through a well-thought-out implementation of on-chain assets, developers can generate revenue through secondary market trading volume (royalties).
Profitability and revenue are important for game publishers, as with any other business. It is vital, as gamers understand, to continue developing the games we love. By supporting those that build these incredible experiences, we are helping our primary focus - gamers.
We aim to be the go-to destination for game developers and publishers who want to leverage the benefits of scalable blockchain technology, tailored AI and other elements supported by our SDK!

Easy Integration

Existing web3 game developers can easily plug into the Neon network with our SDK and EVM compatibility.

Comprehensive Developer Tools & Support

Tap into a supportive community of game developers!

New Monetisation Opportunities

New or enhanced monetisation opportunities from in-game purchases to royalty earned from secondary purchases of in-game on-chain assets!

Increased Community Engagement

Build a true fan base around your game by improving player engagement and retention.

Distribution & Reach

The Neon Link ecosystem will help game developers and publishers reach a wider, global audience.